Perceptive and Positive – Amy Xia

Amy Xia

– Youth Creates First Writing Contest Fifth Grade Second Place Winner

Amy Xia is 11 years old and a 5th grader at Cottonwood Creek Elementary School. She lives her mom, dad, and older brother. She is a competitive swimmer on the University of Denver Hilltoppers (TOPS). She recently placed first in the 50-m freestyle at the 2019 Colorado Short Course State Meet. When she is not in the pool, you may find Amy fencing at South Denver Fencing Academy. She also likes to do art.

Fifth Grade Second Place Winning Piece

Gobbletown Gazette

Freedom fighting turkey takes a stand!


By Timmy TumTum Turkey with assistance from Amy Xia

Turkey may be a Thanksgiving favorite, but really people, it has severe drawbacks too. You should give up turkey on Thanksgiving so you can save a life, be healthier, and respect the Constitution!

First of all, turkeys are like humans in many ways, and killing one is like committing murder! When a person dies in human society there is always a funeral. In the turkey world, it is the same. So you humans are the number one cause of death in The United Turkeys Of America. It is a great feeling when you know you have saved a life, so feel good sitting at a turkey-free Thanksgiving meal, both for your own health and well being of us turkeys.

Secondly, eating turkey is not a convenient or healthy choice. Due to how big we are compared to chickens, humans often mess up cooking us. This leads to dry, rough, grey meat that offers no flavor. Cow, however, will feed more people and will be easier to cook. Turkeys also like to try new foods, but you never know what that turkey ate. They could have eaten a yummy worm that carried influenza, aka the flu. This could make you and your family very sick. So for your own convenience and health, skip the turkey.

Last but not least, it is against the Constitution. The first men of the United States, the ones who wrote the Constitution and gave us freedom, wrote in the 14th amendment, “no state shall . . . deny to any person within its jurisdiction the equal protection of the laws.” In fact, Ben Franklin actually wanted the wild turkey to be the national bird. But some dopes made it an eagle instead. And to further insult us, you celebrate thanks by eating us. If you are laughing at us for considering ourselves to be men, think about this. If a giant came and started roasting you and your family members over a fire, then eat them, how would you feel? Dead. That is how we turkeys feel. So give us some pity and let us live our long deserved lives in freedom as stated in the Constitution.

To conclude, turkeys are very traditional, but they are NOT the best choice for a Thanksgiving meal. So save a turkey’s life, eat conveniently and healthier, and honor the 14th amendment of the U.S. Constitution! Don’t break the law and feel proud of yourself at a turkey-free table.