Expressive Artist – Eric Wan

I’m a middle schooler at Campus Middle school. My academic interests are bioengineering, human biology, and math. Outside of school, I find interest in art, literature, music composition, and culinary activities. My plans for the future are to start a small restaurant/bakery and make a profitable company called Re-Organ that develops prosthetic organs and medication.

The reason I like art is that it sets me apart from most people and it helps me express how I feel and it allows me to convey my thoughts. In 4th through 5th grade, art would help make me feel better as in some sort of way, I was an outcast. Art was an escape for me so during recess I would always bring a piece of paper, coloring markers, and a pencil. While everybody else would run around and play, I would sit in the school’s tree house and draw. At any chance I got, I would doodle on any assignment.

These pieces were recently exhibited at the CCSD area-wide art show at the Curtis Art Center in Littleton.