Ingenious and Humorous – Becky Gao

Becky Gao

– Youth Creates First Writing Contest Fourth Grade First Place Winner

Becky doesn’t really need a biography, because her poem tells who she is!  However, a few more details about her…

Becky is a ten-year-old that goes to Cottonwood Creek Elementary.  She lives in Colorado with her parents, older sister, and little brother.  All three of her grandparents live far away in China. Becky is known for ignoring people because of her nonstop reading.  She doesn’t have much free time because she is always in the car driving to synchro practices.

Fourth Grade First Place Winning Piece

My Honest Poem

By Becky Gao

I was born on July 14,
Ten days after the bombing in Minsk, Belarus
I don’t know how to properly sleep at night
And I’m a sucker for a night of TV
While eating a strawberry ice cream cone
I’m still learning how to write essays in Chinese
I’m good at being too sarcastic in places where I should be serious,
And I’m good at being too serious when I should have a bit of fun
I was born without much happiness and I’ve been darker ever since
I’ve been told that I don’t smile very much
I think people just don’t know me
The girl who was born differently than everyone else
Secretly, I get really nervous every time somebody  knows my faults

I have an odd fascination with books and paper
I assume I like them because I’m used to things coming right out of my brain
I guess that’s why I accomplish things that would never
See the light of day
You see, the things I accomplish remind me that I’m not afraid
Of messing up or starting over again
But I’m scared to death of everything that’s going to happen the very moment that I realize
time is treasure
I’m not careful
Yesterday I fell on my bravery
Like glass shattering, just because only a small fear had landed on it
I’ve never been to the bottom of the ocean but I have this sunken heart
I got it from the big and small losses in my life that I couldn’t prevent

Hi, my name is Becky
I enjoy synchronized swimming, ice cream, and school
But I don’t care or need as often as I should

I have a solar powered choice
And a battery operated hope
I know this sounds weird
but I wonder what my house says about me
when I’m not around

My hobbies include:
Editing my schedule until it’s perfect
Hiding behind big words
And trying to convince my brain
That I’m smarter than just a plain blob of glue
Trying to be the same as everyone else
You see I don’t know much, but I do know this:
I know that everybody is unique in some surprising way
And I know that stars shine brighter
When the sun and moon are gone