Little Genius – Benjamin Wu

Benjamin Wu

– Youth Creates First Writing Contest Fifth Grade First Place Winner

Ben is slow on his painting
He takes three times of time
No hurry, Ben
I wish you see more details than other kids
Ben is slow on his eating
He takes two times of time
No hurry, Ben
I wish you chewing out every element of the meal

Ben is slow on his writing
He takes the whole CMAS session to the last minute
No hurry, Ben
I wish you have had a great five paragraph argument essay

Ben is slow on his math
He takes the whole three hours to finish his math final
No hurry, Ben
I know you are enjoying the nuance of math and you have been way ahead

Ben is slow on his long run
He takes the whole afternoon to jog down the park
No hurry, Ben
Life is long and you will leap over lots of peers at the race day

Ben is slow on making new friends
He takes the whole semester to make a judgment
No hurry, Ben
You will love and be loved and friends will be together never too much.

Fifth Grade First Place Winning Piece

Should We Shorten School Week?

By Ben Wu

Have you ever thought that there are too many days in a school week and we should have one less day? Well, I do. A four day school week has many exciting benefits! For example, students will have more time for other things, such as extracurricular activities and time with their families. Also, there will be less costly for the school district to run the school because the schools are only open four days a week. Most teachers also really like this schedule because they will have more time to plan.

To begin, with a four day school week, students will have more time for activities outside of school, like extracurricular activities and time with family and friends. For instance, the four-day format provides opportunities for an extra workday at an after-school job, engaging in volunteer activities, or pursuing additional educational goals. Additionally, if the students have an extra weekend day, they would be able to have more time to relax, and they would be less stressed because they have an extra day to make up for missed work or homework.

Secondly, the schools would have to pay less money for utilities, buses, food, etc, since the building is open one less day per week. A 2011 report from the Education Commission of the States reported that the Duval County, Florida school district switched to a four day school week and reduced budgets by 7 million dollars, which can be used to retain 70 teaching positions. Most schools that switched to a four day week were able to cut costs by 5.43%. Because the school days would be lengthened, the students would still be at school for the same amount of time, meaning they would still be learning the same amount of time but the schools would be able to cut their costs.

Finally, teachers are very satisfied with the four day school week. This also gives them an extra day to plan their lessons, meaning less work spills into Saturday and Sunday, so the teachers will have more time with their families. Shana Myer, a third-grade teacher, says before her school district switched to a four day school week, she and other teachers would meet on Saturdays to plan the upcoming week. “Working Saturday wasn’t exactly our idea of a great way to spend our weekend — we all have families, errands, and household chores, not to mention grading,” she states. Another school district also says that teachers liked the shorter work week so much, they were more enthusiastic about coming to work. They did a better job.

In conclusion, a four day school week will give the students more time outside of school, cut the school district’s costs, and make the teachers much happier. Both the teachers and the students benefit from it. So why not switch to a four day school week and start enjoying the benefits?