Are you ready to challenge yourself with one of the world’s most sophisticated languages? Are you curious about the 5000-year-old Chinese culture? Get on a journey to explore with us the beautiful Chinese language and the rich Chinese culture. Children and youth of any Chinese language background are welcome.

About the instructors: Most of our instructors are high school students who spent more than 10 years in China. They are fluent in the Chinese language and familiar with the Chinese culture. At school, they are outstanding students; In society, they are avid volunteers devoting to helping others.

Ms. Yingxin Liu, a Cherry Creek School District Chinese teacher, is our honorary coach for the instructors.

Dates in 2020:
November: 14th, 21st
December 5th, 19th

Dates in 2021:
January: 9th,  23rd
February: 6th, 20th

Time: 7:00 pm – 8:00 pm, Mountain Time

Location: Zoom meetings

Tuition: Free

Target Students: Children and youth interested in learning the Chinese language and culture.

Notes: All students registering for the class need to agree to terms and conditions here and waivers here.

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Emily Zhang – Director of the Chinese Language & Culture Program

Emily Zhang is a freshman at Cherry Creek High School. She was born in Dalian, Liaoning, and lived there for 10 years. Emily is in love with books, art, baking, her dog, Netflix, and traveling. Currently, she is the TA for the 9/10th grade Chinese class at Denver Chinese School. She loves helping students and is looking forward to meeting all of you!

Vivian Rejman – Co-Director of the Chinese Language & Culture Program

My name is Vivian Rejman, and I’m a junior at Castle View High School. I was born in Beijing and lived there for 14 years. I moved to America 3 years ago. I now live in Castle Rock, Colorado and I love it here!

Yubo Wang – Instructor

My name is Yubo Wang, and I am a Sophomore at Cherry Creek High School. I lived in China for 11 years. I serve as a teaching assistant for the 6th-grade class at Denver Chinese School, helping to improve students’ learning experiences.  I was both the Chinese and English host of the Denver Chinese School’s Lunar Festival. I love sharing how Chinese culture can be interesting and also, what we can learn from it.

Xinbo Yu – Instructor

Xinbo is a freshman at Cherry Creek High School in Colorado. He loves computer science, history, and science. Xinbo is proud and excited to be a team member of Youth Creates. He always enjoys his volunteer work and strongly believes that their effort will make a difference for young people and our community.

Sissel Wu – Instructor

Sissel is a freshman at Cherry Creek High School. She lived in China for twelve years. Sissel serves as a teaching assistant for a second-grade class at Denver Chinese School. Sissel loves Chinese traditional art such as flute, Gu Zheng, Chinese realistic painting, and Chinese traditional dances.
In the past summer, Sissel taught Chinese to kids of 4 to 8 years old. She thoroughly enjoyed the teaching experience. She loves sharing the Chinese culture.

Sophie Liu – Instructor

Sophie Liu is 13 years old and an 8th grader at Campus Middle School. Her favorite subject is math. Sophie is a gymnast and has been doing competitive Rhythmic Gymnastics for 2 years. Apart from gymnastics, she enjoys writing, painting, and editing. Her idea of using her free time includes editing old videos and/or recent videos, or dancing. Sophie enjoys editing because she can take a normal video, change, and add different elements to make it completely unique. She also very much enjoys dancing because in dancing there’s so much creativity. Sophie is thrilled to have the opportunity to help spread that creativity and spirit to others.

Yingxin Liu – Honorary Coach for Instructors

Ms. Yingxin Liu is a Colorado certified Chinese teacher and holds a master’s degree in education. She has over sixteen years of experience teaching Chinese for all levels including AP and IB in the U.S. public schools. She also has online teaching experience for high school and middle school and was an E-learning developer at Fusion Learning Systems. She was the guest speaker invited by the College Board for the Chinese teacher’s webinar on February 22, 2013, and March 15, 2013. Currently, Ms. Liu is a Chinese teacher both at Overland High School and Colorado Digital Learning Solutions.