Artistic and Compassionate – Emily F.

Emily F.

– Youth Creates First Writing Contest Fourth Grade Third Place Winner

Emily F. is 10 years old and lives with her family in Denver along with two pet fish, Ika, and Eyezie. Emily is very passionate about art and creative writing. She has a twin brother, Noah F., who is also passionate about creative writing. In her free time, she reads graphic novels and likes to sketch. Emily attends the Ricks Center for Gifted Children. In the future, she hopes to overcome her love of horror books. Yes, please!

Fourth Grade Third Place Winning Piece

The Fall

By Emily F.

The breeze blew across my face. A shiver goes through my body like I’d just seen a ghost.
I blow on my hands to keep them warm, but only fog comes from my mouth.
Everything is different.
The pale and bright green leaves have turned into light red, crumbling leaves falling to the ground.
The sun goes behind the clouds. I look everywhere for it but it is nowhere to be seen.

I used to dance outside with my friends but now we’re all inside drinking old hot cocoa from last year.

I was never a big fan of being outside but when the sun left and the leaves began to fall, my perspective changed and I wished I could have a second chance.

Fall is the feeling of loneliness. Looking outside at the breeze as the leaves fall to the ground, dying, you can no longer have those awesome trips to the park with your friends but just stare outside wishing the cold was over.

The breeze blows hard. I go to the window and look outside. My breath on the glass looks all foggy. I open the door to go outside but my mother stops me. It’s too cold.

I walk to the beach. No one is there. The waves are big and cold. The air rises, picking up sand. I walk back home. When will fall be over?

Although I’m waiting for fall to end, then comes winter, the coldest season of the year.

The season where no one can go outside, the season where school is the hardest, the season when you’re most depressed, the season where you wish you could hibernate like all the other animals.

Winter is long and seems to never end. I take a deep breath and walk back inside.

I make myself cold cocoa. My mother tries to cheer me up and tell me that some people enjoy fall, the beautiful colorful leaves floating down from the trees in the cool air.

Staying home from school because of the weather, not being sunburned by the hot air, but for some reason, I don’t understand what she’s saying, for I have a different perspective.

We are two different people, but she doesn’t know. She thinks I’m her clone.

I sit all alone by the fireplace, shivering from the strong winds.

I wish I could appreciate the smell of the air after it rains. I wish I could appreciate the beautiful leaves falling from the trees. I wish I could appreciate the change in seasons. But I’m not ready for change.

Cold rain pours down on my house, tip tap, tip tap.

I get in bed and take out my pencil. I begin writing my thoughts about fall, for I’m a writer after all.

Just a simple thought could be a masterpiece. It’s a different way to think of life.

Though fall is not a season I’m happy about, it will show me the way through hard times and once you write your feelings down, everything will be okay.

My mom taught me that. When my life was hard I always turned to her. We would argue but everything would turn all right.

After all, a single season is not the end of the world.