Message from the Youth Creates Team

Dear Youth Creates supporters,

Thank you for your generous donations to this PPE drive. As the PPE distress has significantly improved across the US, our dollar donation and PPE source have also come to exhaustion. With the guidance and support from the Mom Group and Denver Chinese School, we received a total of $44,104.70 donations. We purchased and donated to health professionals and first responders 7,430 N95 masks, 13,070 medical surgical masks, 3,000 nonmedical surgical masks, 370 face shields, 500 protective coveralls, and 2,000 gloves. We are proud and happy to see our PPE gave Colorado Covid-19 heroes the help they needed during the most difficult moment. It has been an honor and privilege to work with all of you, the loving and responsible individuals and corporations. We sincerely appreciate your extraordinary efforts!

Thank you! Together, we prevail!

Note: The total cost for the PPE purchases is $42,196.04. For the remaining $1,908.66, with a match of $91.34 from Youth Creates to make a total of $2,000, we will donate it to Creek Foundation, a Denver Metro local nonprofit organization.

In honor of all health professionals, first responders, Youth Creates supporters, and everyone bravely fighting the pandemic and generously helping others, here is a virtual talent show from youth around Colorado. Please enjoy the show!

Marilyn Kerns, Sophia Cox, Victoria Law, Mindy Yang: Wonder

Young Voices of Colorado: El Parjito

Abbie Kroll: Etude Op. 72 No. 6 by Moszkowski

Simon Harrison: Cello

Sophie Liu: Rhythmic gymnastics

USA Shaolin Kung Fu academy: Kungfu

Contemporary Dance Academy: Clara and the Nutcracker

Sissel Wu: The Di Dance Music

Khadijah Lahmidi: Dunhuang Dance

Angelo Pan: Hungarian Rhapsody No.11

Alec Muleur: Magic Show

The Katzs: Family Piano

Chelsea Chi & Channing Chi: Finding Neverland

Dollar Donation Log

The following table details the dollar amount received on a daily basis. These donations have enabled us to purchase masks for the health professionals who are in desperate need of these PPEs.


Daily Donation Amount

# of Donors

Total to Date

March 22nd, 2020 $2,500.00 2 $2,500.00
March 23rd, 2020 $5,465.01 45 $7,965.01
March 24rd, 2020 $4,880.85 38 $12,845.86
March 25rd, 2020 $3,730.70 13 $16,576.56
March 26th, 2020 $320.00 3 $16,896.56
March 27th, 2020 $3,141.00 12 $20,037.56
March 28th, 2020 $746.50 7 $20,784.06
March 29th, 2020 $944.76 6 $21,728.82
March 30th, 2020 $150.00 2 $21,878.82
March 30th, 2020 $1,125.00 6 $23,003.82
April 1st, 2020 $66.88 1 $23,070.70
April 3, 2020 $10,550.00 22 $33,620.70
April 7, 2020 $546.00 5 $34,116.70
April 9, 2020 $1,048.00 13 $35,164.70
April 10, 2020 $210.00 1 $35,374.70
April 13, 2020 $200.00 1 $35,574.70
April 15, 2020 $100.00 1 $35,674.70
April 18, 2020 $800.00 2 $36,474.70
April 19, 2020 $500.00 1 $36,974.70
April 20, 2020 $530.00 2 $37,504.70
April 23, 2020 $2,500.00 19 $40,004.70
April 28, 2020 $4,000.00 41 $44,004.70
April 30, 2020 $100.00 1 $44,104.70

Mask Donation Log

This table records the PPE donated to hospitals, clinics, and other healthcare organizations.

Organization Name

Masks Donated

Denver Health 2,058 N95 Masks
70 Face Shields
100 Protective Coveralls
Rocky Mountain Infectious Disease Specialists, P.C. 202 N95 Masks
Rocky Mountain Cancer Center 1,820 N95 Masks
1,300 Surgical Masks
20 Face Shields
25 Protective Coveralls
Individual Doctors 180 N95 Masks
50 Medical Surgical Masks
Sterling, Colorado Police Department 800 Nonmedical Surgical Masks
Libby Bortz Assisted living 800 Medical Surgical Masks
200 Nonmedical Surgical Masks
United States Anesthesiologists Parterner – Colorado 140 Face Shields
120 Protective Coveralls
Douglas School District 1,100 Medical Surgical Maks
Aurora Police Department 2,000 NonMedical Surgical Masks
2,000 gloves
West Metro Firefighter department 1,150 Medical Surgical Masks
Golden Terrace at Aurora 1,000 NonMedical Surgical Masks
80 Protective Coveralls
Littleton Adventist Hospital 800 N95 Masks
1,000 Surgical Masks
70 Face Shields
75 Protective Coveralls
St. Anthony Hospital 1,000 N95 Masks,
2,420 Surgical Masks
70 Face Shields
100 Protective Coveralls
Cherry Creek School District 410 N95 Masks
1300 Medical Surgical Masks
UC Health Hospital 720 N95 Masks
Massage Therapy Institute of Colorado 600 Medical Surgical Masks
AII Natural Acupuncture and Wellness Center 500 Medical Surgical Masks
UC Health Research Labs 200 N95 Masks
1850 Medical Surgical Masks
Comfort Dental Summit County 40 N95 Masks

Notes from The Heroes

Essentials for doctors, nurses, and other health professionals to effectively and safely fight this horrific pandemic, facial masks’ depletion is a dire situation. If you see how exhilirated and appreciative these over-worked professionals are, you would most likely brought to tears.

Thumbs-up from doctors of Rocky Mountain Infectious Disease Specialists, P. C.

Dr. Yanling Su says thanks.

Littleton Adventist Hospital Chief Medical Doctor, Dr. Verrill (middle), poses for a picture with Ms. Fang Zhang (right), one of the core organizers of the event.

Rocky Mountain Cancer Center health professionals express their gratitude.

Chief Medical Officer Alan Verrill and lead physician Dr. Andrea Ryan from Littleton Adventist Hospital

United States Anesthesiologists Parterner – Colorado

St. Anthony Hospital

Sterling Firefighters Pose with Youth Creates Donated Masks

Cherry Creek School District

Douglas County School District

Aurora Police Department

Securing supplies of personal protection equipment, including N95 masks, has been a major challenge for nearly all health systems throughout the world during this pandemic.  The Youth Creates donation of these masks to Littleton Adventist Hospital has contributed to our ability to maintain an ongoing supply of protection resources for our caretakers, and for this we are incredibly grateful.

We as a society are at our best when during the toughest of times we come together in  support of one another to meet our collective needs.  Youth Creates has been that type of support to Littleton Adventist Hospital, which in turn has allowed us to continue to be a source of hope and healing to the patients we serve.

                                                             — Alan Verrill, MD, FHM, Chief Medical Officer, Littleton Adventist Hospital

We will make sure that these masks are used by those who are providing medical care in our clinics and the surrounding
hospitals. These masks will enable them to hopefully stay well, not spread the virus and to continue to provide the highest level
of medical care and expertise to those most in need.
Your generosity and efforts to get these masks to our practice during this critical time and during this world wide crisis is very
much appreciated and recognized as a huge effort by many in your group.

                                                             — Pamela Seats, BSPharm, Practice Manager for Rocky Mountain ID Specialists, P.C.

Thank you very much for the masks you donated. Please extend our sincere gratitude and appreciation to the caring people in Youth Creates, the Mom group and Denver Chinese School, who made this donation possible. We appreciate all of the donors for their generosity and thoughtfulness.
Cancer patients are highly vulnerable in this pandemic. We have physicians, nurses and other healthcare professionals who work closely and directly with these patients. These masks will help protect not only our patients but also our providers.
Thank you again for thinking of us. We appreciate all of your efforts. Please stay healthy and safe.
                                                             — Ling Ma, MD, Rocky Mountain Cancer Center
A huge thanks to Youth Creates ( for its donation today of 2,000 surgical masks and 2,000 gloves to the Aurora Police Department! Youth Creates has raised over $40,000 to purchase personal protective equipment for health professionals and first responders across the metro area.
                                                             — Aurora Police Department
Thank you for supporting Denver Health as the center of our community’s response to COVID-19. Treating COVID-19 patients while safely providing ongoing medical care for other conditions requires Denver Health to think creatively, act fast, and take extraordinary measures at great but necessary expense. The generous in-kind contribution from YouthCreates of the following personal protective equipment makes that a reality:
                                                             — Linda Ford, Executive Director, Denver Health


Top Donors

Denver Chinese School 

Ling Ma                      

Youth Creates LLC    

A Million More Masks Campaign

Xiang Sun           

Xiaosheng Chen

Xiuling Wang           

Sunflower Asian Cafe   

Ling Lu

Yanling Su

Qiang Zhao

Xidong Sun

Anjoy Realty LLC 

Xiaomei Sun

Rui Nan

Ben Demming

S&J Construction

James Ma

The Complete Generous List (Alphabetically Ordered)

ACE Educational Services, Inc.
Asian Avenue magazine
Meihua Bo
Eric Browning
Sue Ann Burger
Xuejing Cai
Junwu Cao
Wei Chambers
Fa Chee/Oliva Chee
Anping Chen
Cheuk Chen
Xian Chen
Xue mei Chen
Xiaoshen Chen
Dongyi Chen
Xiaosheng Chen
Tina Cheng
Jingjing Chu
Lailai Chu
Yuanyuan Coleman
S&J Construction
Bryan Cox
Nianfu Chui
Blenda Crawford
Denver Chinese School
Sami Diab
Twin Dragon Restaurant
Yuan Di
Rui Ding
Xiaorong Ding
Hua Du
Douglas Duong
Xiaoming Feng
Dexiang Gao
Parisa Ghaemi
Ping Gou
Jessica Yinghui Gu
Xin Guo
Jiandong Hao
Fen He
Ling He
Linghong Hou
Wei Hu
Haiyan Huang
Yafei Huang
Michael Huggins
Donglai Huo
Jiqing Jacobson
Shan Jiang
Jennifer Jiang/Tony Yi Xu
Ying Jin
Jian Jing
Kim Kaprielian
Magarity Kerns
Amber Wu Kirkpatrick
Guangxing Li
Liting Li
Mowen Li
Shawn Li
Weimin Liang
Lin Liu-Wu
Huiliang Liu
Jie Liu
Qi Liu
Ying Liu
Xiaodong Liu
Jing Liu
Jue Liu
Xin Liu
Yiping Luo
Ling Lu
Ling Ma
Angela Morris
Bridget Murray
Rui Nan
Manna Pan
David Pasely
Xiaoyu Peng
Jian Pu
Pikes Education LLC
Ann Qi
Zhaocong Qi
Hong Qi
Yuhan Qi
Qing Qin
Yan Qin
Katie Reinisch
Alexander Roberts
Jinying Shao
Jie Song
Lingyan Song
Meng Su
Xiaomei Sui
Jun Sun
Xiang Sun
Xidong Sun
Xiaomei Sun
Lichang Tan
Annie Guo VanDan
Li Wan
Can Wang
Weining Wang
Zhe Wang
Yuanfang Wang
Zhenguo Wang
Xingxing Wang
Xiuping Wang
Xiuling Wang
Wei Wang
Bin Wei
Rui Wen
Shuifan Wen
Mark J Wolny
Mengdi Wu
Zhaocheng Wu
Jun Xiang
Bin Xu
Jessie Yan
Jiming Yan
Xiaolei Yan
Liu Yang
Qin Yang
Ruilin Yang
Yongmei Yang
Tina Ye
Yujing Zhang
Hongfei Zhang
Hui Zhang
Qiusheng Zhang
Hui Zhang
Tianhua Zhang
Lanlan Zhang
Rui Zhang
Changqing Zhang
Liping Zhang
Jianyun Zhang
Andy Zhao
Fengjuan Zhao
Jie Zhao
Qiang Zhao
Wei Zhao
Huijun Zheng
Lina Zhou
Yihong Zhu
Joanna Zhu
Ning Zhuo


The Youth Creates Group

Stephen Zhang

LiAn Song

Andrew Lu

Reagan Kerns

Sarah Gao

Alex Chu

Sonia Chu

Ethan Hao

Channing Chi

Derek Li

Derek Li

Marilyn Kerns

Zachary Gao

Chelsea Chi

Michael Zhang

Patrick Li

Zoey Hao

Sophie Liu

Jason Chen

Si Wu

Emily Zhang

Xinbo Yu

The Greatest Support

The Mom Group

Wenhua Ren

Xiaomei Sun

Fang Zhang

Xiang Sun

Ling Ma

Xiuping Wang

Denver Chinese School

Denver Chinese School (DCS) is a strong supporter and the biggest donor for the cause. Many DCS members have donated to the cause. DCS has also started an official campaign to encourage all to contribute.

Thanks for fighting to keep the community and the world safe by supporting the health professionals!