Together, we prevail!

– Commitment to Philanthropy

Youth Creates is always looking for ways to serve and deems giving back to the community its essential duty. Over the past years since its inception in December 2018, Youth Creates has taken on two philanthropic projects – the Covid-19 Personal Protective Equipment Drive to support health professionals and first responders in fighting the pandemic, and the Annual Gala for a Cure event to fundraise for cancer research. The Youth Creates team immensely appreciates the generous support from the community. With the unwavering team efforts and the unity with the community, Youth Creates vows to make a positive impact on society.

We welcome you to join us in building a wonderful world together!

Gala for a Cure (2021)

Gala for a Cure 2021 is party time! With Covid fading away, Youth Creates is excited to have hosted an outdoor fun gathering after a series of informational online workshops and contests. Thank you all who have participated and contributed to this wonderful cause!

Gala for a Cure (2020)

Gala for a Cure 2020, an online feast of information and entertainment provided by renowned youth, business, and community leaders and government officials, garnered vast attention and support from the community. More than 300 youth and adults attended the online sessions of enlightening presentations, seminars, classes, and competitions. Together, the team collected and donate $8,000 to the Cancer League of Colorado.  Please find the details.

Covid-19 PPE Drive (2020)

Seeing the crisis from the PPE shortage that ensued from the unprecedented Covid-19 pandemic, the Youth Creates team coordinated with moms and Denver Chinese School and initiated a $44,000 PPE drive that supported 23 local healthcare and other organizations with thousands of masks and other protective gears. Please find the details.

Gala for a Cure (2019)

The first Gala for a Cure event was hosted in 2019. A stage of local professional and youth artists performed a stage of elegant performances and entertained hundreds of audiences. Former Congressman Mike Coffman, Colorado Representative Kim Ransom, former Colorado Representative Robert Bowen, Englewood Presiding Judge Joe Jefferson, Attorney General from the 18th District former CSU-Global President Dr. Becky Takeda-Tinker attended the event and congratulated the team’s successful event and a sum of $8,000 proceeds to be donated to Cancer League of Colorado. Please find the details.