Our Mission

– Power youth passion. Realize youth value.

Youth are creative people who keenly observe, deeply analyze, profusely express, and vigorously innovate. Recognizing and respecting the youth’s original and sophisticated ideas,  Youth Creates opens a door to opportunities to share and to spark.

Youth Creates provides a welcoming platform for youth to express and showcase their creativity, be it artistic or scientific, inspirational or critical, humorous or solemn.

Youth Creates believes in giving back to the community. Youth Creates is committed to taking the initiative to lead youth to create values for the greater society.

Youth Creates strives to bring together youth’s ideas and corporate and community leaders’ guidance for boundless possibilities and tangible values.

To the leaders of tomorrow:

Let this be a challenge for you! As you move through school and through life, sometimes doors will swing wide open and sometimes they will shut right before you go through them. It’s always worthwhile to evaluate your ambitions and then reevaluate them as you move forward. Sometimes obstacles will seem overwhelming, but as you spend time carefully reflecting on them, you may find a way around, through, or over them. Remember that the path ahead might not be the obvious one. Don’t ever let yourself get so fixated on one particular achievement that you ignore other—perhaps better— ways to make an impact. Finally, never underestimate the power of your education, your family, your friends, and your determination.

With love and respect,

State Representative Kim Ransom

Our Team

Our executive team consists entirely of youths who believe in the potentials in youths’ inquisitive nature and innovative spirits. We are committed to promoting youth creativity and leading the efforts to turn the youths’ ingenuity into tangible values to society.

Stephen Zhang
Founder & CEO

LiAn Song
Director of Visual Art
Chief Graphics Designer

Reagan Kerns
Visual Arts Director

Yubo Wang
Outreach Director

Emily Zhang
Youth Development Director

Alex Chu
Outreach Director

Xinbo Yu
Marketing Director

Brandon Zhu
Youth Development Director

Sissel Wu
Music Director

Ethan Hao
Visual Arts Director

Jason Chen
Youth Development Director

Michael Zhang
Outreach Co-Director

Board of Advisors

Youth Creates has a dedicated team with strong and diverse leadership and genuine interest in supporting youths in their pursuit and development as Board of Advisors. Their guidance and support play a key role in Youth Creates’ success.

Shiou Jefferson

Shiou Jefferson

Ms. Shiou Jefferson, of Chinese descent, was born in North Korea. During the Korean War, Ms. Jefferson fled with her family to South Korea, where she attended high school. She then traveled to Taiwan and graduated from Taiwan Normal University. She taught in high schools in both Taiwan and South Korea for the next couple of years before studying and receiving a Business Degree from Kinki University, Japan. Two years later, Ms. Jefferson came to the United States of America and studied English at Denver University. During her time at DU, Ms. Jefferson decided to start her own business and has since been operating her own restaurant at Englewood, Colorado for more than 30 years. Ms. Jefferson is not only a successful businesswoman but also a dedicated leader who generously supports her community.

Huiliang Liu

Huiliang Liu

Mr. Huiliang Liu is President and founder of Denver Chinese School. Since he founded the school with a single class in 1998, Mr. Liu has led a team of hundreds of volunteers, board members and committee members and worked vigorously in the past 20 years to steadily grow the school into the largest and most impactful Sunday Chinese school in Colorado with three campuses and over four hundred students.
Mr. Liu has also been instrumental in starting the annual Colorado Chinese New Year Celebration 16 years ago in 2003 and making it the largest and most influential annual Chinese American cultural event in Colorado with thousands of participants, extensive media coverages and great participation by prominent politicians and business leaders.
To recognize his outstanding contribution in promoting Chinese language and cultural education, Mr. Liu received the Outstanding Award of Oversee Chinese Language Education by the Chinese State Council and Oversee Chinese Education Association in 2014.
Mr. Liu has a Bachelor’s degree in Architecture from Tsinghua University and a master’s degree in Urban and Regional Planning from the University of Iowa. He is currently a Principal Transportation Planner and has worked with the City of Aurora, Planning Department since 1992.

Robert Bowen

Robert Bowen

Robert Bowen is technically retired but spends his time working on various community endeavors. He received his BA in History and Political Science at Metropolitan State University in 1971. In college, he initiated the movement to lower the voting age to Colorado to 18. He was instrumental in the passage of the bond issue, for now, the Auraria Higher Education Center.
Prior to his retirement, Mr. Bowen had a career in business. He was one of the first to rehabilitate housing in several Denver neighborhoods including Highlands, Lincoln Park, Baker, and Curtis Park. His projects were recognized by the city and Historic Denver. He was the first developer in the Thornton City Center at 92nd and I-25. He also developed large projects in California and various states in the South; and ran a rubber recycling business. He was also a consultant to a large Chinese import-export company.
In addition to his business career, Robert served three terms in the Colorado House of Representatives from 1982-1988. Among his achievements was the bill that resulted in Denver’s Light Rail system; the Older Coloradans Act; mutual custody of children legislation; and the Crime Victims Compensation Fund. He also served on the Colorado Commission on Aging, the Colorado Blue Ribbon Diesel Commission, The Highway Legislation Review Commission, and committees of the National Conference of State Legislators.
Robert is honored to serve on the Advisory Board of Youth Creates because he believes our future is in good hands with today’s youth. He believes their talents need to be showcased and encouraged.

Sue Ann Burger

Sue Ann Burger

Mrs. Sue Ann Burger brings a wealth of teaching experience to the Youth Creates program. She has a bachelor’s degree in Elementary Education and a master’s degree in Gifted Education. She has taught grades 1 through 8 in three states, including 15 years in the Cherry Creek School District in Colorado. Mrs. Burger presently teaches English courses at the Denver Chinese School. She is also a middle school math instructor at St. Mary’s Academy in Englewood, CO. In addition, she is an online English tutor for children who live in China, and has recently taught at Ricks Center for Gifted Children on the University of Denver campus. Her passion is working one-on-one with motivated students. Her son is a news reporter in Grand Junction, CO and her daughter is a senior at Baylor University in Texas. She lives with her husband, Kyle, and their two loyal dogs, Moxi and Nike. Mrs. Burger is honored to have the opportunity to work with the talented community of the Youth Creates organization.

Michael Huggins

Michael Huggins

Michael A. Huggins has helped numerous people rapidly pay off their debt, create more control over their investments, and substantially increase returns on the retirement accounts. He is a highly requested financial trainer, known nationwide. He is an international speaker and focuses on helping entrepreneurs to become their best selves. With his extensive knowledge on personal development, Michael has coached many into living the life they deserve. As one of the youngest leaders in his community, he has set the bar high for those following, and he will continue to push himself to be the best he can be. Michael has received personal training from well-known professionals like Mark Kohler, Garrett Gunderson, John C Maxwell, Bob Snyder, and Woody Woodward. He has been featured on the Dr. G and Kevin show and various entrepreneurial blogs. As a top income earner in the sales and marketing division of a world-class educational company, Michael was frustrated and fed up with the tough labor and low pay of his mechanic profession. He felt like he was going nowhere fast. Michael made a conscious decision in his life to master real estate and finance. As a result, his income multiplied tenfold in just a few short years. With many years of experience behind him, Michael has mastered the skills of running a successful marketing business. He now runs a team of 1400+ people and has had substantial growth over the last several years. This heightened income has allowed Michael to follow his dreams. He now has the time and freedom to tinker with race cars, travel the world and be with his family.

Zhu Xiao Di

Zhu Xiao Di

Zhu Xiao Di is currently the Director at the International Leadership Foundation (ILF), a non-profit organization with a mission to promote the civic engagement, leadership empowerment, and economic prosperity of Asian Pacific Americans. Since he recently took over daily operational management he supervised overall programs and events planning and facilitated strategic planning with the Board of Directors and potential strategic partners and donors.
Previously working at the Ameson Education and Cultural Exchange Foundation as Interim Director, he supervised staff in overall daily operations, including handling budgeting and financials. He also designed and executed the Ameson Year in China (AYC) program, sending almost 500 American college graduates to teach and study in China. The program obtained commending letters from more than 25 U.S. Senators and House Representatives.
As a graduate from MIT and a researcher at Harvard University for years, Zhu Xiao Di is a contributor to many academic books and journal articles, many of them have been quoted by The Wall Street Journal, The New York Times, USA Today, and The Atlantic Monthly. He has more than 20 years of executive and research experience, including using Census Bureau data American Housing Survey (AHS), BLS data Occupational Outlook Handbook (OOH), and FRB data Survey of Consumer Finances (SCF) for 15 years analyzing issues relating to race, ethnic, and other populations in policymaking.


  1. How do I submit my work to be published on youthcreates.com?
    1. Please email your work to talents@youthcreates.com.
    2. In the subject line, please include your work category.
    3. Optionally, please include your brief biography and a headshot.
  2. How will my submitted work be processed?
    • Volunteers specializing in the particular subject will review your work and decide whether it could be accepted as is, needs to be revised, or cannot be accepted.
  3. How do I participate in events or competitions organized by Youth Creates LLC?
    • Events are listed at https://www.youthcreates.com/event/. You could follow specific instructions for each event. Some events are hosted at a physical location, while others could be participated virtually. For events that incur a fee to cover the cost of the event, payment could be made by cash, by check to Youth Creates LLC, or through the PayPal link for each event.
  4. How do I participate in competitions organized by Youth Creates LLC?
    • Competitions are listed at https://www.youthcreates.com/event/. You could follow specific instructions for the competitions. Some competitions are hosted at a physical location, while others could be participated virtually. For competitions that incur a fee to cover the cost of the competition, payment could be made by cash, by check to Youth Creates LLC, or through the PayPal link for each event.

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Youth Creates is an organization founded and executed by youths and committed to serving youths, the generation that defines our future. We would love to hear about your talents, comments, and suggestions to make our services even more compelling. Please also consider supporting us by donating and volunteering.


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