Bright Young Star  – Maya Pells

Maya Pells

– Youth Creates First Writing Contest Special Award Winner

Maya Pells is a kindergartner in Aurora, Colorado. For as long as she can remember, she has loved listening to poems and stories and writing her own. She is constantly thinking of great story ideas, expressing almost daily, “I’m going to write about that!” When Maya is not writing, she enjoys dancing, playing soccer, and spending time with her friends and family.  

Special Award Winning Piece

Spring Things

By Maya Pells

Spring is everywhere. Near and far, morning, noon, and night. Everyday.

I wake up in the morning and see beautiful spring things.

I see pink daisies blooming like a sunrise.

I see dogs chasing cats as if they were a game of tag. Woof! Meow! Raarrr!

I spot a playground. I throw on my pink, flower dress as bright as cotton candy and run like a cheetah to look for new spring things.

I see spotted, red lady bugs as bright as the rainbow!

I see dancing food in the garden. Sweet cherries, juicy apples dangling from the trees like bats, juicy peaches as still as statues.

I see rolly pollies rolling away as fast as bowling balls down, down,





into the green grass.

I see floating clouds with shapes of sweet, melty ice cream cones, flying cars, and Golden Retriever puppies with moon-shaped eyes.

I see a rainbow as bright as the sun! Red, blue, yellow, and pink. A pot of gold. I see raindrops falling from the sky like tears dripping from your face.

I see birds and butterflies flying as fast as the wind through the clouds. Chirp! Chirp! Swoosh! Playing tag like friends.

I see bird eggs hatching in their nest. Crack! An egg breaks open. Crack! And another. It is time. Mommies fly as fast as their wings can take them to fetch worms for their babies.

I see soft, white bunnies as white as the clouds.



H P! H P! H P!

Jump! Jump! Jump! Their small noses match the pink flowers in the garden. I see yellow and black bumble bees bringing nectar to their queen. Buzz! Buzz! Buzzzzzzz!

I see deer ready to take off on adventures through the green forest filled with trees like a busy crowd.

I see foxes chasing baby bunnies, squirrels, and mice hungry for a midnight snack.

I see snoring bears as loud as a thunderstorm roars, as they wake up from their l o n g nap.

I see brown, white, and black squirrels collecting acorns for their babies.

I see butterflies. Reds, blues, blacks, browns, yellows, pinks, purples.

I see cute cats purring to their mother, hiding behind yellow daisies.

I skip home happily with a smile on my face.

What a fun adventure!

See you next season!