Company Highlights

The first annual Youth Creates Gala for a Cure fundraising event, in support of Cancer League of Colorado, was hosted at the Englewood High School auditorium on August 10th. This feast of talent and art was engaging and exhilarating, entertaining hundreds of audience members and raising over $8,000 for the cause of fighting cancer. The summer-long meticulous organization and cooperation among the Youth Creates team members, ranging from elementary kids to college students, and their supporters came to beautiful fruition.

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News Archive

Winners Announced!

The Writing Contest Award Ceremony is held on May 3rd at 5:00 pm at Koebel Library.

And the winners are …

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Gift Certificate Auction

Avid 4 Adventure offers 3 $100 gift certificates for their summer camps for auction. All proceeds go to Youth Creates for operational costs. Thanks to Avid 4 Adventure, a leader in launching kids into a lifetime of empowering outdoor adventure, for supporting the Youth Creates Mission.

Writing Contest Coming to a Conclusion

Many thanks to those of you who submitted your essays, stories, poems, or other categories of writing. We are diligently reviewing all submissions. The winners will be announced soon. Please stay tuned!

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Coaching and Mentoring

The First Advisory Meeting is held at the Twin Dragon Restaurant. The Youth Creates Team receives direct coaching and mentoring from renowned local leaders.

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Advice from Education Expert

CSU-Global Campus President Dr. Becky Takeda-Tinker holds a special coaching session with Youth Creates. Follow-up actions will take place for further mentoring.

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Certifying President Volunteer Service Award Organization

We are proud to become an official Certifying President’s Volunteer Service award organization. Please volunteer with us and get recognized for contributing to the world’s most precious treasure – youth! Contact us at or visit the Get Involved page for details.

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CPR Training Bring Benefits to Community

“Thank you very much for organizing this event. I sincerely appreciate your time.” Local community expresses gratitude to Youth Creates for offering the low-cost CPR training opportunity.

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