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Sarah Huo

– Youth Creates First Writing Contest Fifth Grade Honorable Mention

Sarah Huo is a fifth grader at Cottonwood Creek Elementary. She wrote the letter to Unicode Consortium after reading about emojis in an article from Scope Magazine.  Sarah likes to read and swim.  She does synchronized swimming with the Rocky Mountain Splash organization.  She also likes to help out at the Denver Dumb Friends League by fostering kittens and puppies before they get adopted.

Fifth Grade Honorable Mention

A Letter to Unicode Consortium

By Sarah Huo

Dear Unicode Consortium:

Please consider the following items at your next big meeting where you choose new emojis.  I’d really like for these to be added to the emojis that everyday people use.

I’d like cartoon characters, maybe like SpongeBob, Tom, and Jerry or Charlie Brown. Many people, young and old, watch and enjoy these popular cartoon shows.

In addition, there should be more girl sports added.  I suggest Synchronized Swimming, Ballet, and Gymnastics.  Many young ladies enjoy these activities and they send a lot of texts!

There should also be more of everyday things added to the emoji selections.  Chores, Folding clothes, Vacuuming, Yard work, etc. are common things that every person does.

Many kids, tweens, and teens enjoy playing video games, so please also add a video game emoji.  This would be very useful for kids who have phones and video game sets.

Finally, many school children do homework so instead of typing an answer why they can’t go to their friend’s house to play, they could just put: (homework emoji).  This would be much more convenient than typing a long message.

Thank you for your consideration and collaboration with this emoji project.