Energetic and Humorous Musician – Si Wu

Si Wu

Hello everyone! I was manufactured in 2006 with artificial intelligence, complete parts, and exquisite assembly. After 13 years of immaculate operation, I belong to reliable products (vii) with a height of 162CM and net weight (confidentiality).
I come from Jiangsu, a beautiful province in China known as Beauty of Fairyland. I have two good sisters – Guzheng and Flute. They are always fighting for the favor in the palace backyard. First of all, I would like to introduce Guzheng, a representative of Chinese classical music. Guzheng has accompanied me for many years. In my second grade, it helped me pass the tenth achievement level and win the first prize in the national contest. Guzheng is my pride. Okay! Without introducing Flute representing the West, it would be jealous. Flute accompanied me to pass the CET-8 and is three years younger than the classical Chinese beauty – Me! Flute is very delicate. I love both of them very much.
Oh, By the way, I forgot to introduce myself. My name is Si Wu. I hope you can remember me!