College Application Essay Coaching Bundle

Contact Information:

Sarah Gao: 720-209-8558,

Channing Chi: 720-358-0888,

Planning to iron out your college application essay during the summer? Channing Chi, a Vanderbilt rising senior, and Sarah Gao, a rising MIT sophomore, would love to use their expertise to help. The College Essay Coaching Bundle includes one group class and 4 one-on-one sessions. A minimum of 5 people is required to start the session. The following is the sequence and timeframe of services to be offered.

  1. Group class:
    When: Late-June.
    What: which colleges to apply to and strategies to approaching college essays and what to write in a Common App essay.
  2. One-on-one brainstorming meeting:
    When: Early July.
    What: The student will come to the meeting with a couple of ideas for a potential Common App essay and then talk through their essay ideas. This is to help students come up with ideas for a Common App essay and talk through how to best structure their essay.
  3. One-on-one rough draft session:
    When: Mid/late-July.
    What: The student will come to this meeting with a rough draft of their Common App essay or something they’ve written down about what they think they’re going to write about. This meeting will serve as an initial checkpoint for the student once they’ve started writing to think about if they’ve chosen a good topic and if the message they want to get across is coming through. It will also serve as an initial round of proofreading.  
  4. Two One-on-One refinement sessions:
    When: Late summer/fall.
    What: These sessions provide the student with additional help, ie. providing supplementals, reading a common app essay, etc. Each student decides when they would like to have these sessions. This will be the time to help with refining essays and making sure the essays are exactly how you want them to be.

Before these one-on-one sessions we’d like the students to send us whatever they’d like us to look over a couple days in advance (at least 2 days), so we can read them over before working through them with the student. Each one-on-one session will be roughly an hour.

About the Coaches

Channing Chi

Channing is a rising senior at Vanderbilt University in Nashville, TN, majoring in Public Health and Biology with a minor in Spanish on the pre-medical track. In university, he enjoys being a peer tutor for different science courses and working in the Rathmell lab, where he studies the effects of inhibition of the glutaminolysis pathway on T cell differentiation. In his free time, he enjoys singing in the University Choir as well as running. He is looking forward to working with you!

Sarah Gao

Sarah is a rising Sophomore at MIT majoring in Math and Computer Science with a concentration in Economics. Sarah’s academic interests lie at the intersection of math and the social sciences, and she is currently doing development economics research at Harvard regarding social protection in Indonesia. Outside of the classroom, Sarah loves playing water polo and synchronized swimming.  She can’t wait to help you craft your perfect essays!