Passion is the Mother of Success

– The Writing Contest Arouses Writing Passion in Children

The enthusiasm that the writing contest generates is overwhelming. Twelve students from different grades win the contest. At the award ceremony, each winner wins a certificate, an Amazon gift card, and personalized feedback from the Youth Creates team and one of the Youth Creates advisors, the highly experienced and belove GT teacher – Mrs. Burger. The intimate and supportive atmosphere arouses more passion and commitment from the writers and the Youth Creates team. A few contest winners share their enthusiasm as a writer and vow to create more creative pieces to inform, inspire, and express.

The following are the proud winners of the contest. Please also check out their beautiful writing pieces.


Special Award: Spring Things (Maya Pells)

Fourth Grade:

First Place: My Honest Poem (Becky Gao)
Second Place: Why Electric Daisy Carnival is Better Than Coachella (Noah F)
Third Place: The Fall (Emily F)

Fifth Grade:

First Place: Should We Shorten School Week? (Ben Wu)
Second Place: Gobbletown Gazette (Amy Xia)
Third Place: Electronic World (Elynor Sykes)
Honorable Mention: Dear Unicode (Sarah Huo)

Sixth and Seventh Grades:

First Place: Journey to Atlantis (Amy Gao)
Second Place: Cheating on College Admissions (Alex Den)
Third Place: Portal to Monster Town (Yilin Song)
Honorable Mention: The Abandoned House (Elise Uhde)

Anecdotes from the Award Ceremony

Contest winners and their supportive family members gather at the event to celebrate their achievements and to connect with other exuberant writers.

The contest is genuinely loved by the contestants.

Yilin Song, Author of “Portal to Monster Town” says:

“Youth Creates has been an amazing experience! The judges and the other members of the contest are all so friendly and supportive. I loved how I got to meet so many wonderful people, and at the same time, dig deeper into my story. This contest has helped me learn how I should improve my writing. At the ceremony, each judge talks about how we did and the good things about our writing and what we should work on. As a writer, those comments are worth gold! You can improve so much from the help of these amazing members of the Youth Creates team. Overall, Youth Creates has been one of the most pleasurable contests I’ve ever entered!”

The Youth Creates team warmly welcomes the writing contestants with congratulations and commendations. They highly applaud the quality work the contestants submit. The unique writing styles, the well-founded logic, the vibrant descriptions, and the moral of the writing pieces clearly demonstrate the contestants’ intelligence and creativity.

Among the excitement, founder and CEO Stephen Zhang pokes jokes at his new hairstyle created by his senior peers on the Cherry Creek Boy’s Swim and Dive team. The hat explains it all. Laughter fills the intimate celebration. Children feel more ease speaking their mind and heart.

Emily F. shares how she creates her poem – “The Fall”. The melodic rhythm and the intriguing sentiment of the poem linger on in people’s mind as she presents. During the blossoming spring season, Emily chooses to express the melancholy represented by the fall season through carefully selected descriptive words. Her imagination and vision transcend time. Her confidence and poise shine at the podium.

Emily kindly gives credits to her twin brother, Noah, who is also a winner of the contest, for giving her ideas for her poems.

Mrs. Burger shares her thoughts and impressions on Emily’s enchanting poem – “The Fall”. Mrs. Burger especially admires Emily’s imagination and the delicate emotions Emily expresses through her poem.

The youngest Youth Creates member Michael Zhang looks on as Mrs. Burger lovingly talks about Emily and her work. Michael later declares that writing will become his priority. Positivity and passion are contagious. The benefit of bringing together creative minds for a common mission is multifold.

Youth Creates team member Abby McWhirter presents a certificate to the youngest writing star – Maya Pells. Maya brings a great deal of vivacity to the event. She shares why she creates “Spring Things” and how she comes up with the vivid details of the spring things. “People should know of the spring”, Maya firmly declares.

“Passion is one great force that unleashes creativity”, states American musician Yo Yo Ma. Maya’s love for writing is reinforced by the writing contest. She sees that her work is being recognized and admired. She takes her pride and passion to her classroom and becomes a role model for her peers.

In an email, Maya’s mom, Mrs. Pells, expresses her gratitude to Youth Creates, “Thank you both so much for the gift card, and for the opportunity in sharing Maya’s work. She was beyond excited! We love your mission of encouraging and bringing young writers together. ”