Writing Prodigies

– From Youth Creates First Writing Contest

The Youngest Star – Kindergartener Maya Pells

Maya Pells, Author of Spring Things

Maya Pells is a kindergartner in Aurora, Colorado. For as long as she can remember, she has loved listening to poems and stories and writing her own. She is constantly thinking of great story ideas, expressing almost daily, “I’m going to write about that!” When Maya is not writing, she enjoys dancing, playing soccer, and spending time with her friends and family.  

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Winners from The Fourth Grade

First Place Winner, Becky Gao
My Honest Poem

Becky doesn’t really need a biography, because her poem tells who she is!  However, a few more details about her…

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Second Place Winner, Noah F.
Why Electric Daisy Carnival is Better Than Coachella

Noah F. is a 4th grader at the Ricks Center. He has been writing stories for five years now.

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Third Place Winner, Emily F.
The Fall 

Emily F. is a 4th grader at the Ricks Center for Gifted Children.  She is passionate about fine arts and creative writing and has been writing stories ever since she could talk.

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Winners from The Fifth Grade

First Place Winner, Benjamin Wu
Should We Shorten School Week?

Ben is slow on his painting
He takes three times of time
No hurry, Ben
I wish you see more details than other kids

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Second Place Winner, Amy Xia
Gobbletown Gazette

Amy Xia is 11 years old and a 5th grader at Cottonwood Creek Elementary School. She lives her mom, dad, and older brother.

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Third Place Winner, Elynor Sykes
Electronic World

Elynor Sykes is a fifth-grade student at High Plains Elementary School in Colorado. She’s on the student council and enjoys writing.

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Honorable Mention, Sarah Huo
Letter to Unicode Consortium

Sarah is a fifth grader at Cottonwood Creek Elementary School. I wrote Unicode Consortium after reading about emojis in an article from Scope Magazine.

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Winners from The Sixth & Seventh Grade

First Place Winner, Amy Gao
Journey to Atlantis

Amy Gao is attending her first year at Campus Middle School as a sixth grader. She is passionate in learning language arts, math, and science.

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Alex Den

Second Place Winner, Alex Den
Cheating On College Admissions

Alex Den currently resides in Lone Tree, Colorado. He is 13 years old and attends SkyView Academy as a 7th grader. He lives with his mom and dad as well as his rabbit, Marbles, and dog, Lulu.

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Third Place Winner, Yilin Song
Portal to Monster Town

Yilin Song is a 6 grader from Campus Middle School. She loves all the wonderful teachers and friends at her school. She is good at math, language art, science, and social studies.

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Honorable Mention, Elise Uhde
The Abandoned House

Elise Uhde is a sixth grader at Campus Middle School in Greenwood Village, CO.  She loves dogs and puppies. She wants a corgi, a husky, or a golden retriever when she grows up.

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