Sunny and Sweet – Yilin Song

Yilin Song

– Youth Creates First Writing Contest Sixth & Seventh Grade Third Place Winner

Yilin Song is a 6 grader from Campus Middle School. She loves all the wonderful teachers and friends at her school. She is good at math, language art, science, and social studies. This year, she acquired Campus Middle School “Academic Award Certificate” in Recognition of Outstanding Scholarship, Campus Middle School “ Most Valuable Player”, and Campus Middle School- “Kindness Award” and “ Honor Roll ” in the 1st quarter. The school is her favorite place! Yilin loves music so much and can play piano, flute, BaWu, Chinese bamboo flute, Ocarina, and Hulusi. Last year, she got “2nd Place” in Colorado Flute Association K-12 Honors Competition (Grade 3-5 Solo); Afterwards, she received Summer Scholarship from Colorado Flute Association. Also, she got “2nd Place” on piano solo and 1st place on flute solo in CCTV musical instruments competition in Colorado. In 2017, she performed traditional Chinese musical instrument–Hulusi at Buell Theatre of Denver. Yilin also loves to learn languages, like English, Chinese, Spanish, and Japanese. Last year, she got “First Place” in Colorado Chinese speech Contest; “Second place” in Chinese essays overseas Chinese youth creative writing competition; “1st Prize” for Online Popularity Award in Chicago Area in The Sixth Huayu U.S. Chinese Essay Contest for Youth. In 2017, she got National American Miss Colorado Jr. Pre-Teen “Top Model 1st Runner-Up” and “Photogenic 1st Runner-Up”.

Yilin is a very funny girl and she likes to tell funny stories to her friends and make them laugh. She loves her life, family, teachers, and friends!

Sixth & Seventh Grade Third Place Winning Piece

Portal to Monster Town

By Yilin Song

Chapter 1: The sleepover!

On a dark, stormy night, a black haired girl, Yilin, was walking to her friend’s home. She had the courage to walk down the dark, haunted street to her friend’s house for their sleepover.

Her friend, Sheyla, who was safe and sound at her house, was so excited that she could explode with joy! The day Yilin and Sheyla had their sleepover, was also the same day, 1,000 years ago a little girl walked down the haunted street, and someone pulled her down somewhere, and she never came back!

Yilin walked and walked, and she accidentally dropped her sleeping bag. She turned around, and there, she saw the silhouette of a tall man with an ax. She picked up her bag, and she looked again! But there was nothing there! She kept going… and under a street light, she saw a headless horse! Yilin called out, “ Anybody there?!” But there was not a sound. And right after she called, the headless man was gone! She ran as FAST as she could! She got to Sheyla’s house, and rang the doorbell! The door creaked open, and Sheyla’s mother said, “Hello there, Yilin! Come on in. Sheyla is waiting for you in her room. Dinner’s almost ready.”

“Oh. I already ate dinner. I’ll just go and play with Sheyla. Thank you!” explained Yilin. She was relieved to be at her friend’s house, especially because she just walked on a really spooky street. “Hi Sheyla!” exclaimed Yilin.

“Hi, Yilin! So glad to see you! Are you ready for the best sleepover ever?” asked Sheyla.

“Yeah! Let’s go play!” answered Yilin. They made slime, took selfies, dressed up, but just before dinner, a note came in from the open window. The girls stopped painting each other’s nails and picked it up. “What is this?” asked Sheyla.

“I don’t know. But whatever it is, we should read it.” Sheyla picked it up, and they read it together: “A creepy town, starting with a frown. Monsters all, together with a scare, and let the humans fall… into Monster Town!

Chapter 2: Monster Town!!!

“Ahhhhhhhhhhh!!!! What’s going on? Sheyla? Sheyla! Where are you?!” asked Yilin.

“Right here! Where are we going? Is this a dream? I’ll just pinch myself…OW!!! It’s not a dream!!!” yelled Sheyla.

“WHAT?!?!?!??! Impossible! Portals do not exist! We have to get outta here! THIS IS SCARY!!!!!! Sheyla, grab my hand. Hold on to each other because we’re about to go into that thing!” yelled Yilin, pointing at a portal that looks like the milky way, but a lot darker and scarier.

“Ahhhh! I’m coming!… Ahhhh! What is that thing? I wanna go home! I wish it was a dream, I don’t believe this is happening in real life!!!!” cried Sheyla.

They went in the portal, and they landed on a heap of red hay. Is the Myth real? Does Monster Town really exist? Well, it does now. But why did Monster Town choose such innocent friends to journey in the dark, scary town?

“Sheyla? Are you there?…. Ahhhhh! Where are we? Does this have something to do with that spine-chilling street I walked on to get to Sheyla’s house? Whatever…SHEYLA!!!!”

“Over here! Where are we….is this, Monster Town?!” asked Sheyla.

“No….of course not! It’s a myth. Here, let me go get your backpack. You look like you really hurt your bottom. You barely landed on the hay!” explained Yilin.

“Thanks,” said Sheyla. Yilin got her backpack and went to get Sheyla’s backpack, but just then, something touched Yilin slightly in the back… “Sheyla? Is that you touching my back?” Yilin turned around… It was not Sheyla… It was, a vampire!!!!!!! “HISSSSS! *BITE!*”

“Ow! Ahhhhh! You’re not Sheyla… Sheyla?!” yelled Yilin. She ran off with her and Sheyla’s backpack. She found Sheyla in front of a door that said: “ Monsters that help humans.” “Sheyla! I got bit on my neck…. by a vampire!” yelled Yilin. “Me too! There was just a random guy that came over and just BIT me!! Look at this sign! We can get help from some nice monsters that don’t want to scare us. Let’s go in!” said Sheyla.

“Wait! How do you know they are nice?” asked Yilin.

“They’re gonna help us on how to get home from this creepy place, and how to cure this bite! We could turn into a vampire too, you know?” explained Sheyla.

“Fine! Let’s go in and get this over with! I really want to get home. I don’t wanna be a vampire! I don’t wanna be stuck here either!!!” yelled Yilin. “Let’s go!” And so, they went in. But who knows if the monsters inside were actually nice ones that don’t want to scare them…

“Um, hi. We are humans, and do you know how to get to earth, and where we are?” asked Yilin, once they got in.

“Garrrle, slobberdeedo,” said the monster, who was just the size of a human toddler. Then, another older monster approached them.

“Hi, I’m her sister. We are, not so scary monsters. We’re just like humans, except with tentacles as hands and feet. Nothing special. We are the only ones who know how to speak human and the species that want to be humans’ friends. My sister is still learning. Hey, sis? Can you go to your room and study humans’ language? I’ll talk to our customers. Thanks,” said the older sister monster. “Anyways, you guys said you want to go home, to Earth? Well, I can help you. We’re the friendliest monsters here, so we’ll help. First, let’s dress you up as monsters, then I can show you where to find some information, and I’ll take you where the Gateway to Earth is for your return. Here, I got some spooky clothes, some makeup, and some hair accessories. Come on! Oh, I’m so rude! My name is Tena. Follow me to my room so I can dress you guys up.” explained Tena.

“Ok. Thank you so much. I’m Sheyla.”

And I’m Yilin. Thank you for your help. Oh, and also, when we got here, a vampire bit both of us. I think we might become vampires! Do you know the cure?” asked Yilin.

“I sure do! It’s in my family’s potion room, but I think we ran out of the potion that will cure a vampire bite. That’s ok. We just have to get to the friendly vampires. Your full transformation should begin at midnight which is hours away! So, no worries. What monsters do y’all wanna be?” asked Tena. “I can dress you up like a mummy, or ghost, or witch, or a Frankenstein. Which one?”

“I think I’ll have….the witch,” said Yilin.

“Ok. And you, Sheyla?” asked Tena.

“I’ll have, I think, probably the mummy. Thanks,” said Sheyla, who looked like she didn’t really want to do it, but still allowed Tena to dress her up in order to keep safe.

“ No problem! Gurgle le spitly! Taks! My mom will bring my makeup. She doesn’t mind you guys, so she won’t bite you or eat you. Oh, here she is. Gurgle ga. Tak ya. Ready for your transformation?” asked Tena.

“Yeah! Thank you,” whispered Yilin. “Oh no…” murmured Sheyla.

Chapter 3: To the Haunted Library

“Wow! You really outdid yourself! We look just like monsters! I love my green nose! Haha!” exclaimed Yilin.

“Yeah! This is so cool!” yelled Sheyla, feeling a lot better.

“And to sound like monsters, just do a creepy voice, and to act, just act like you’re tired, and just tremble or shake like you’re scared. Let’s go to the Haunted Library! We should find a book about the portal to the human world. Let’s get on my bicycle,” exclaimed Tena. “It’s slimy and slippery because it’s made out of tentacles, but if you don’t like it, you can ride in the wooden baskets.”

“Sure,” said Yilin. They rode to the library and looked for the book to find the portal to the human world.

“Garrrrrle li eflsdjf? EWjf oef orhf o rhofeifj,” said Tena.

“Guuuuuu! Har. Tank e,” said the librarian, who is a zombie.

“What was that-”

“Shhhh! Don’t speak human! Whisper, or else they will think you’re a human, which is bad!” explained Tena. “Just say random words.”

“Oka,” said Yilin.

“Ye,” said Sheyla.

“Gargly garllle, wiei jawi ehfalfh aierhgl,” explained the librarian. She just told them that the books about the portal to the human world are in the “humans” section.

“Tank e!” said Tena. “Here it is! Let’s check it out and find the map to the portal in this book, and get you both home,” whispered Tena.

“Ok, thanks,” whispered Yilin. They checked the book out and outside the library, they read the most important chapters of the book, and found the map inside it, and set off on their journey!

Chapter 4: The Friendly Vampires

“So, what’s it like in the human world?” asked Tena.

“The same here, except NO monsters or really scary things! Just a balance between evil and good,” explained Yilin.

“No!” snapped Sheyla. “There ARE scary things! Like spiders, the dark, and scary shadows in the night!” said Sheyla.

“Yeah, but our world isn’t as dark as Monster Town. So, where’s the first stop?” asked Yilin.

“Well, it says here that we need the potion to communicate with the human world for the entrance to it so you girls can get home. The potion is the fangs of a vampire, well, friendly ones, which are very rare! They might even help your bites before your transformation is complete! They are friendly, so they live in the “ODD Forest,” for nice and cute monsters. It’s a long journey to get to the human world’s portal, but we have time. Let’s go!” explained Tena. And so, they rode off for their first ingredient for the portal!

“Wow….so scary here,” said Sheyla.

“Yeah. The forests in our world is much brighter,” said Yilin.

“AGREED!!!” yelled Sheyla, and they all burst out laughing.

“Why hello! Mestago, illiga!” explained the vampires once they arrived. “ Me latmmoj knafwe.”

“Hi! He said his name is Kenav! That’s how you pronounce it! But spelling it can be quite difficult. Anyways, little Vampire, can you talk in human to my friends here, and we need some help, actually……a lot!” explained Tena.

“Ok! Hi. I’m keen-nav! It’s a silent v. So, what’s your name? How can I help?” asked Kenav. “ My name is Yilin, and, well, we’re from the human world, and you see, somehow we got here and we want to get home. We also got bitten by a vampire, so we might turn into one before midnight!” explained Yilin.

“Yeah! And we need our families,” added Sheyla.

“Ah, I see. I have a potion for the cure, and I also have a navigation Monster Ball for the route to the Gateway to Earth. Come, come. I have it all!” explained Kenav. The girls, and boy, went into the ODD Forest for the cure and the Navigation Ball.

Chapter 5: The Cure at Last!

It was gale in the forest. Everything was dark and quiet. At last! They reached Kenav’s scary cabin. “So…. this is your cabin?” asked Sheyla.

“It sure is! It’s got many great things in here, just take a look!”

“Wow! That was awesome!” yelled Yilin.

“What does ‘awesome’ mean?” asked Tena and Kenav at the same time.

“It’s just, cool!” explained Sheyla. “What does-”

“Whatever! Let’s just go in!”

“What does ‘whatever’ mean-”

“STOP!!!!!” yelled Yilin. “For goodness sake! We just want the navigation Monster Ball and the cure!” yelled Yilin. 

“Oh, ok. You should’ve just told me to stop.”

“But I did-whatever.”

“I still don’t get what ‘whatever’ means-”’

“Can we just get the stuff! For crying out loud, you ask WAY too many questions, and it’s annoying!” yelled Sheyla.

“I totally agree with her,” said Yilin. “What does-”

“STOP IT!!!” screamed Yilin in her

most ear-piercing voice…. ever. “Ok. Here’s the cure. Drink this

potion, then wish you are human again,” explained Kenav.

“Ok,” Yilin and Sheyla drank the potion, then, the curse was reversed! They are human again! “Oh! Here’s the ball. Here. Take it. This will lead you to the gateway to Earth,” said Kenav. He gave the ball to Tena. They waved goodbye and thanked him and set off on their journey.

Chapter 6: The Sea of Skulls

“So….where’s our first stop?” asked Yilin.

“The Sea of Skulls.That’s where we should get some air from a ghost or spirit,” said Tena.

“What?! That sounds creepy,” said Yilin.

“It’s a forbidden sea of skulls and spirits. It’s pretty much a haunted sea.”

“What?!” yelled Sheyla.

“What do you mean….haunted?” asked Yilin.

“They say that anyone who rows into that sea, or even get close to it, would never be seen again. Like Eliv Bloodscure was never seen again after she had a picnic next to that sea, thousands of years ago. They say Eliv’s skull is in that sea, and her spirit might be swimming in that sea, too! It’s

dangerous! So stay close with me, or else…” explained Tena. “Follow me so we can get a boat.” They rented a boat and, because Tena is a monster, she has strange things she can do, so she has powerful strength, and she carried the boat all the way there. They went on the boat, and Tena pushed the boat into the Sea of Skulls.

As they were rowing, they found spirits flying across their faces, and they all yelled, “Don’t harm us! We don’t wanna disappear!” yelled Yilin.

“Don’t worry, if they dare to harm you, Yilin, they are gonna get it!” yelled Sheyla in a ferocious voice.

“You are one of the bravest kids I’ve ever seen!” Then, a mad figure appeared right in front of them!

“Hey! I won’t harm you-”

“Wait, are you Eliv Bloodscure?” asked Yilin and Sheyla at the same time.

“Yes, yes. I am. Ghouls and monsters keep making rumors about me, and it hurts. I am a ghost ever since I was born, and when I found this sea, I thought it would be a good place, because there are not a lot of spirits in the real monster world, so this would be a friendlier place. I just wanna make friends with other monsters, other than spirits because they try to make people disappear, and it’s not funny, and every time I try to escape, they drag me down, like I’m a prisoner. Please don’t be scared! I just want to escape, and you should too! The spirits are gonna come and haunt you, and make you disappear.”

“Oh. I didn’t know that. I’m sorry. How can we escape?” asked Sheyla.

“Yeah. Sorry. How can we escape?” repeated Yilin.

“You know there’s another route, right. Go back to the beach of this sea, and fly above, you know that right? Every time a monster needs to cross this ocean, they just fly. I can fly, so I can carry you guys.

Eliv carried the monsters to the other side, away from the evil skulls and spirits. “See? I knew there was another way!” proved Sheyla.

“Ok, ok. Fine. I never knew Eliv was nice and took us another way,” said Tena.

“Thank you so much, Eliv! This means so much to us. You know, we do need the air of a ghost, so, you wanna come with us on our journey? We need you for one of our ingredients for the Gateway to Earth,” said Yilin. “Will I? Uh…. YEAH!!!!” yelled Eliv in

excitement! And so, they went off for the next stop.

“Where’s our next stop?” asked Sheyla.

“It’s a better place, but still, a little dangerous,” explained Tena.

“Ok, but where is it?” asked Sheyla.

“It’s this place called The Castle of the Zombies. Just a mile more and we’ll be there,” answered Tena.

“That sounds even creepier!” exclaimed Yilin.

“Wait, I’ve been there before! It’s not scary, the zombies are nice, except for the king of them all! The king hurt me! I ran off after that,” explained Eliv.

“Wait, how old were you?” asked Yilin. “I was, I think, 3,000 years, so I was little. I ran off from my mom and dad, played with the zombies. The king chased me away, and now I’m 22,000 years old.”

“Wow. Let’s go!” yelled Sheyla.

Chapter 7: The Zombie King

“And….we’re here!” announced Tena.

“Wow. So many memories… Kelly! Fanci! Eleca! Ben!” yelled Eliv.

“Who’s that?” asked Yilin.

“Gargglelski! Aijrgf iehrfiu! Iurfh ! aijrehf gcviuhrfsihlfi…” asked the zombies.

“What?” asked Sheyla.

“Oh. Girls and boy zombies, speak human. Yilin and Sheyla, you’re not monsters at all. You should understand this….” said Eliv.

“Um…. we’re not monsters,” said Yilin.

“Great! Finally! Visitors! We need an ingredient here. what is it again, Tena?” asked Eliv.

“Dirt from the human world and the eye of a zombie. They are normal human stuff, and monster stuff,” explained Tena.

“Can we borrow an eye?” asked Eliv.

“No! The king will be mad at us! He’ll destroy you! But let’s try. Come!” said Kelly.

“Hide in here!” ordered Fanci, pointing at a small hole inside the castle ballroom.

“Get in!” yelled Eleca.

“The king will eat your brains!” added Ben.

“Ok, ok. Are you all siblings?” asked Sheyla.

“We’ll explain. Be quiet and stay still, or else you’ll be done for!” said Eleca.

“Also, you said you want the eye of a zombie, right?” asked Ben.

“Yeah, can we have one?” asked Sheyla.

“Yes, but it’s not ours. There’s an ancient room in our palace over there, and inside the room, there’s an ancient eye of the grandfather zombie, you can borrow that,” explained Ben.

“But it’s ancient! It’s precious and fragile,” said Yilin.

“Yeah, but, it’s fine. I’ll go get it, you girls hide here. Eleca, come with me. Kelly and Fanci, protect these girls. Eliv, turn into your invisible form and distract the king, and, um…” ordered Ben, but hesitated when he got to the octopus monster.


“Oh, yeah! Sorry, I’m bad with names. Tena, go put slime on the king’s crown from your tentacles so it will take him a long time to look for my sisters and I. Yilin and Sheyla, stay here, don’t move, and keep quiet,” ordered Ben.

“He is such a bossy brother, but we got used to it,” whispered Kelly.

“Yeah. Totally! He’s probably the bossiest brother ever!” added Fanci.

“Hehe!” laughed Yilin.

“Now!” yelled Ben. And the plan began…

“Shhh!” said Kelly. The girls hid and hid, until…Tena and Eliv alerted them: “The king is coming! He doesn’t need the slimy crown, turns out he has 50,000 backup crowns! I don’t have enough slime on my tentacles for all of that. So I warned Eliv, and she distracted the king, but he is never distracted! He is so serious! So…..sorry, but….he’s coming your way, hide!” explained Tena when she got back.

“Oh no. Sorry guys, looks like we don’t actually know that much about our father,” apologized Kelly.

“It’s fine. Prepare for the king….”

“Arghhh! I’ve heard there are little humans in my palace! The guards told me! Now for your punishment, I shall eat your brains! Delicious dinner is served!” yelled the king.

“No! Please! Give us another chance! We didn’t mean to, we-”

“Come on, Yilin! Run! Follow us to another place, we run fast, but our father doesn’t, so we have time to get to another hiding place!” explained Fanci.

“Ok!” And in a split second, they were in the room of mirrors, their dad will never find them here, too many reflections! Which reflection is the real one! They hid and hid, but they forgot to tell Ben and Eleca they were hiding somewhere else, so Eliv turned invisible and went to guide Ben and Eleca. When Ben and Eleca got to the mirror room, they hid with the monsters and gave the humans and the ghouls the ancient zombie eyeball. “Yes! Thank you so much! I actually brought some dirt from, well, Earth, I

guess. I have a collection of sand. Which one?” asked Sheyla.

“Sheyla, we need the dirt from your yard because that’s where we’re going, and we are ready to travel to the Gateway to Earth!” exclaimed Tena.

“Wait, Ben, Kelly, Eleca, and Fanci, do you want to come with us, I mean, you are gonna get in trouble, so, come on!” said Yilin.

“Ok!” answered Kelly.

“Yay!” exclaimed Fanci.

“Sure!” said Ben.

“Of course! Let’s go!” said Eleca. And

just like that, they are off, leaving the zombie king behind.

Chapter 8: The Garden of Crazy

“Ok. One of the final places is the Garden of Crazy. If we pass it, we’ll go through a door and on the other side, it will be the Gateway to Earth!” explained Tena.

“Yay!” exclaimed Yilin. It was that one little path until they are home again! But..they will surely miss their new monster friends.

“Wow! This garden is so dark….. And-” Suddenly, a gigantic monster with jaw shaped petals slurped down Tena!

“Ahhh! The monster eating flower plant! It’s got me! Go on, go! The portal will close sooner or later, and the next time it opens, it’ll be 260 years from now! Go!!!” yelled Tena as she was sucked down by the plant.

“No! Tena! Come back….” sobbed Yilin.

“She won’t. She is most likely to be a clump of bones in that plant’s stomach by now,” said Sheyla.

“Well, only few monsters survive the plant monster, but first, LET’S RUN FOR OUR LIVES!!!!!!!!” alerted Eliv. When they ran to a safe place, Eliv said they need the sour bloodberry, if the monster eats it, it will throw up. We will see if Tena is either alive, or a clump of bones.

“Ok, what does the sour bloodberry look like?” asked Yilin.

“Well, it’s a raspberry shape with a much much darker color than a regular raspberry.”

“Guys, I think I found it… is it this?” asked Ben.

“I think it is! Come on! Time to feed the hungry little plant, or should I say, big plant,” answered Eliv. They went back to the plant, and the plant snatched Sheyla!

“Ahhhh! Help!” yelled Sheyla, as the blookthirsty plant monster snatched her.

“No!” yelled Yilin as she grabbed Sheyla’s hand, and together, they both leaped into the murky, dark moth of the plant.

“NO!!!! There has never been a human surviving the plant, I don’t know about them….” The rest of the monsters were still confident, but the monster plant is fast, it almost snatched Eliv, but she plopped the blood raspberry into the monster’s mouth just in time. BOOM!! The plant exploded into pieces, but what’s truly amazing is that Yilin, Sheyla, and Tena all survived!

“YAY!” yelled everyone in unison, all zombie’s eyes sparkling with happiness. The monsters hugged for their reunion and kept going farther into the garden.

“Hey guys, when are we gonna get to the Gateway to Earth?” asked Sheyla.

“Almost, we should see a few more plants, then the doorway to the portal!” explained Tena.

“Oh, ok!”

“Are we there yet?” asked Yilin again.

“NO!” yelled Eliv.

2 seconds later again…

“Are we there yet?” asked Sheyla. “No!!!!” yelled Eliv.

2 seconds later…

“Why are humans so annoying!?!?!” asked Tena.

“I have no idea, I have no idea.”

Chapter 9: Earth!!

“The door!!!!!” yelled Yilin and Sheyla simultaneously.

“It sure is! Say bye to the garden, we’re going into the door, and the Gateway to Earth will be waiting for us on the other side!” explained Tena.

“But to activate it, we need a ghost’s air, from Eliv, a zombie’s eyeball, from the Zombie Palace, and dirt from Earth at Sheyla’s backyard. Got everything! Let’s go in before the portal leaves,” rushed Tena, excitedly, but she swallowed back her tears because she knew that her friends are going to leave them.

“Ok. Let’s go in people- I mean, monsters and people,” said Yilin, giggling a bit under her breath as everyone entered the door…

“Alright, first, we need to put all the ingredients in this caldron, say the spell, and the Gateway to Earth will appear right before our eyes!” explained Tena.

“Sounds easy enough. Should I add in my air first?” asked Eliv.

“Go ahead,” said Tena as Eliv blew air into the cauldron. “Now, Ben, add the eyeball in since you’re the oldest,” said Tena.

“Sure!” exclaimed Ben.

Ben, add in the eyeball. “Sheyla, add in the dirt after Ben,” said Tena.

“Ok,” answered Sheyla. After Ben added in the eyeball, Sheyla added in the dirt. “Mix everyone! MIX!!!” ordered Tena. Everyone mixed while Tena said the spell: “Monsters and humans have a connection, now here is a monster, with human friends, the humans need to go back, so now be it, please,

Gateway to Earth, open up, and our friends will go home with the secret of Monster Town…”

“There it is! I…guess it’s a goodbye,” said Tena, tears streaming down her cheeks like two little rivers.

“I hate goodbyes!” yelled Yilin.

“Same, but we have to get home, my mom will be worried,” said Sheyla.

“Bye! Thank you for all of your help! Sheyla and I really appreciate it! We will never, EVER, forget you guys!” said Yilin, tears filling her eyes.

“Yeah! Thank you so much! We will keep this a secret, for we want to give a favor to you guys, too!” said Sheyla, as her eyes turned as red as a ripe apple. Everyone cried, but the portal was going to leave sooner or later, so the girls went in….back to Earth!

Chapter 10: Home!

“Wow! That was crazy! Are you sure it wasn’t a dream?” asked Yilin.

“Positively! I pinched myself like, a thousand times to make sure before we went into the portal!” answered Sheyla.

“Fine. I will sure miss those monsters, and I am totally exhausted. Let’s go to bed,” said Yilin. Then, the girls drifted off to sleep, never forgetting about the adventure of the night!


This book is dedicated to my best friends: Kate, Michelle, Puja, and Sheyla. They are always helping me, like the 2 girls in the story (Sheyla is a real person). They are also always standing up for me. They are my 4 best friends!! I am really thankful that I have true friends who never judge me! Thank you to my friends, and thank you for coming into my life.